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Voila Events & Homewares

Voila Events Gold Coast & Homewares is a wonderfully mixed bag of services! This Gold Coast based business specialises in the coordination of special French cultural and themed events and quite notably, was responsible for the success of the "Bonjour French Festival", a major cultural event celebrating French culture. No event is too big or small - "Voila" can effortlessly immerse you in an authentic French experience like no other. Whether you want to aimlessly stroll the romantic streets of Paris or lose yourself in a small rustic village in the heart of France, Voila will deliver!

And here's one for the foodies! Experience the culinary delights that Voila has to offer. Voila delivers an array of culinary workshops including wine, cheese, pasty and crepe workshops! The hardest part is choosing your workshop! Bon apetit! 

Finally, if you want to completely immerse yourself in all things French, why not think about redecorating? To top it all off, Voila offers a range of French homewares which are a beautiful additon to any home. Feel like you're in France everyday! C'est la vie!

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