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French Film Festival 2016

Alliance Francaise  - French Film Festival 2016.
The Alliance Francaise French Film Festival, returns for its 27th annual season in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart. It's the biggest foreign film festival in Australia and also the biggest festival of French films outside of France !

From Ealry MArch until early April 2016 in Brisbane, the Festival will present you the best in contemporary French Cinema which has never been more popular in Australia than it is right now. The alliance Francaise French Film Festival audience includes Australians, French, Francophiles and movies buffs - all keen to experience the latest sophisticated, vibrant and daring films from France !

Alliance Francaise have been supported by the Embassy of France in Australia, but also Peugeot, and Palace Cinema.

The festival Line up is now available at the following adress:

You will see : "Belle& Sebastien" - "The Whith Knights" - "First Growth" - "Un village Francais" - "a measure of a man" , "La belle saison" - "Mon roi" -" un plus une" - "Marguerite"   and much more !

Don't miss out the 9 weeks of French Culture provided by Alliance francaise - Here are the date :

Sydney 1-24 March
Melbourne 2-24 March
Canberra 3-29 March
Brisbane 11 March- 3 April 
Perth 16 March - 7 April
Adelaide 31 March - 24 April 
Casula 7-10 April
Parramatta 7-10 April
Hobart 28 April - 4 May

Tha Alliance Francaise French Film Festival is a highly anticipated and extremely popular event on the Australian Culture Calendar 

Visit their website :




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